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Virtuix Omni | Omni-Directional Treadmill
Date: December 2013
Imagine pairing this omni-directional treadmill with a head-mounted display to play your favourite first-person video games and simulations.

Tactus | Dynamic Touchscreen Technology
Date: December 2013
World's first dynamic tactile touchscreen.

Myo | Wearable Gesture Control by Thalmic Labs
Date: December 2013
Thalmic Labs received 10,000 orders in just two days for the Myo Armband. The company is lead by mechatronics engineers Stephen Lake, Aaron Grant and Matthew Bailey.

Oculus Rift | Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display
Date: December 2013
Palmer Luckey was the original designer of this head-mounted display. I got a chance to wear the developer version and experience some of the demos from the web. All I have to say is that I cannot wait for the consumer version!

Leap Motion
Date: December 2013
The Leap Motion controller is a motion sensing device that is very accurate. Leap Motion, the company, started as OcuSpec in 2010 and was founded by Michael Buckwald and David Holz.

Qeexo | The Next Dimension of Touch
Date: December 2013
FingerSense most likely uses acoustic sensing to sense the mechancial vibrations and uses software to segment and classify these vibrations. Julia Schwarz is the research director and co-founder of Qeexo, and Dr. Chris Harrison is its chief technology officer and co-founder. They are both from Carnegie Mellon University.

TapSense: Enhancing Finger Interaction on Touch Surfaces. Chris Harrison, Julia Schwarz, and Scott E. Hudson. 2011. In Proceedings of the 24th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '11).

Project Page: TapSense

Augmented Reality 3D Glasses by META
Date: December 2013
Dr. Steve Mann from the University of Toronto is the Chief Scientist behind this company, along with Dr. Steve Feiner from Columbia University as their lead advisor.

Muse | EEG Headset by Interaxon
Date: December 2013
Biometric feedback gathered through electroencephalography is gaining popularity as an input source, especially due to new companies, such as Interaxon, releasing consumer based EEG headsets. Dr. Steve Mann from the University of Toronto is a founding member and a research advisor for Interaxon. Dr. James Fung is a founding member as well.

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