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Simulation of Multiple Rigid Bodies Colliding in 2D

Simulation and Modelling — Fall 2011
Implemented in Java using the Open Source Physics framework

The most difficult aspect of rigid body simulation is modelling collisions. Modelling collisions requires the detection of contact points and computing the collision forces. Each body has a mass, position, velocity, orientation and angular velocity associated with it. Using Newton'’s Law of Restitution for Instantaneous Collisions, rigid body collisions can be accurately modelled.

  • Uses ordinary differential equations (ODE) to model body dynamics
  • Uses the fourth order Runge-Kutta method (RK4) for the ODE solver
  • When a collision is detected, the post-collision velocities and angles are resolved by calculating the impulse of the collision, and applying the impulse to the respective bodies at the time of collision
  • The time of the collision is found through a binary search. The ODE solver 'steps back time' to find the point of the collision
  • Calculates and graphs the total energy and the total momentum of the system

You can find the source code on GitHub